Week of 11 June 2018
Welcome Bridget, Maîtresse Inconnue
The Garden District, NOLA, lush, wild, decadent. A period
carriage house incorporating former slave quarters, ironically
repurposed as a dungeon, cruelly and comprehensively equipped.
On the wrought-iron balcony stands a tall blonde. An edgier
ScarJo with better ink. Our millennial victim advocate/water-polo
coach holds an OSU BS in psych. Until recently a Prodomme, She
boasts skills such as Florentine flogging, fire play, full-suspension
Shibari, Catch-22 bondage, and bootblacking. Headmistress of a
circle of Femdoms, She delights in choreographing wicked scenes.
From inside, a phone rings . . .


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