La Maîtresse Lointaine

Nota bene: This e-mail training regime was developed for one of our European pussy boys.

First, you must commit yourself to resuming your training as a $im (sexually inadequate male who must offer $$$ tribute to a beautiful, controlling bitch Goddess). This includes desensitization to the beauty and sexuality of women.

My preference would be to have you wear the CB-6000S so that your little peepee cannot get fully erect. But short of that (every pun intended), you should wear panties every day to remind yourself that you are not a real man. You should sit down when you pee. You should wear hair scrunchies around your balls (comme les filles portent dans leur cheveux) so that your balls will always feel compressed and uncomfortable, as if it would be better that you didn't have them at all.

If you see a beautiful girl, you should remind yourself that you are a lesbienne, and that your peepee clit cannot get excited, as it is no longer a sexual organ. It has been reduced to a nuisance bump, like a pimple. However, your mouth may water as you imagine licking women in a worshipful state.

You must take the vows of chastity like a nun, or rather, a NONE. Your peepee is not allowed pleasure any longer. You will exist only to serve your Maîtresse(s). You can no longer play with your peepee like a cock. When RARELY permitted, you will be able to play with it like a clit. But only in the presence of your Maîtresse or her surrogate (an escort).

Remember to perform your $im yoga exercise, wherein you assume yoga postures in succession in the shapes of the letters S, then I, then M, while repeating: "Je suis un $im. Je suis un $im." This is to be done for an hour every morning and every night.

If you find while watching TV or a movie in which there are beautiful models or actresses, e.g., Irina Shayk or Karolina Kurkova, that your peepee clit is becoming dangerously erect, you must immediately sink it into a bowl of ice to shrink it back to a little bump. You must spank it with a large wooden cooking spoon to remind it that it is never to grow again.

For a half hour every day, you must hold a freshly peeled orange and lick the nubbin that looks like a clit as if it were your Maîtresse's sweet love pearl.

For another half hour every day, you must lick that same orange at the dimple that looks like a pussy hole, and you must swirl your tongue into your Maîtresse's sweet pussy and give her great pleasure.

You must set up a shrine to your Maîtresse in your flat or hotel room. You will need candles and a pair of your Maîtresse's panties, which you will have to sniff, inhaling her scent while saying your $im prayer every night before you go to bed: "I am a worthless $im, and I cannot please a woman, except with my tongue. I exist only to be under the control of a beautiful, powerful woman, et ça c'est ma raison d'être."

If you wake up in the morning with an erect peepee, you must repeat the ice-and-wooden-spoon punishment until the erect peepee has retracted into a harmless clittie.

If you find that you are absolutely failing, then you must seek out a tattoo parlor and have your clittie tattooed with:


so that if you even tried to have peepee sex with a girl, she would laugh when she saw that you were really a sissy boy under the control of a Padrona.

You must file periodic progress (or lack thereof) reports with your Maîtresse so that she can adjust the intensity of your programme.

The ultimate test will be when you serve an escort, who stands in as the surrogate for the Maîtresse, while the Maîtresse supervises via telephone.


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