Devotions to the Goddess  (written by Pamela's sissy)

Kid-leather gloves, I adore;
Empress Pamela I love forevermore.
Empress Pamela with Her riding crop,
Slave Caroline begging Her never to stop.
Mary Jane shoes slave Caroline must wear,
Mistress Pamela laughing at Her sissy
Without a care.
Silk, satin, lace,
Empress Pamela slaps Caroline's face.
Caroline forced to wear plaid skirts,
Empress Pamela is all powerful,
Caroline asserts.
Empress Pamela adorned in black wishbone belt,
Empress Pamela is so svelte.
Empress Pamela strides
In Her dominant boots and heels with ease,
Slave Caroline at Her feet,
Groveling to please . . .
Nursery Rhymes

Mistress PAMELA had a Russian-sable coat
And hat as white as snow,
And everywhere that Mistress went
Her sissy was in tow.


One, two: I belong to You;
Three, four: I beg for more;
Five, six: I kiss Your whips;
Seven, eight: I lie prostrate;
Nine, ten: Mistress Pamela wins again.


Sissy Caroline sat on a wall,
Sissy Caroline had a great fall;
Empress PAMELA didn't care at all: then
She had scrambled eggs for breakfast again.

Sissy Kelly drinks piddle
From Empress Pamela's champagne glass;   
Her girlfriends laughed to see such fun,
Especially when sissy licked the Empress's ass.


Drum Majorette Kelly went kissy-kissy
To the girls and made them cry;
When all the leather & muscle boys came out to play,
Empress Pamela had Kelly kiss 'em too, 'cause she made him turn gay.


There was a beautiful girl,
Who had a little blond curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead . . .
And when Empress PAMELA was good, she was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she got the sable coat, an NYC pied-ą-terre, and a Jaguar from her sissy slave . . .


Slave be servile,
Slave be meek,
Empress makes sissy feel so weak.


All around the mulberry bush,
The Empress chased the sissy;
The sissy fell down on his tush,   
POP goes the sissy!


Hickory, dickory, dock,
The sissy ran up the clock;
As the clock struck twelve,
Empress whipped the sissy's dickory
With the riding crop,
Hickory, dickory, dock.


Sissy be docile,   
Sissy be sweet,
Sissy spends her life at Empress's feet.
The Twelve Days of Christmas: The Sissy Remix
On the first day of Christmas, I sent to my Mistress Jennifer true
Satin heels, sapphire blue.

On the second day of Christmas, I sent my Mistress Pamela
Dominant in taste
A pretty black wishbone belt for Her petite waist.

On the third day of Christmas, I sent to Mistress Jennifer
So incredibly fair
A diamond tiara for Her gorgeous hair.

On the fourth day of Christmas, I sent Mistress Pamela
Whom I love
A year's supply of kid-leather gloves.

On the fifth day of Christmas, to Goddess Mistress Jennifer I sent
A coat of luxurious sable fur—
Whatever Her wishes, I will never demur.

On the sixth day of Christmas, my Mistress Pamela received from me
Her adoring sissy
As an ottoman on hands and knees.

On the seventh day of Christmas, I sent Mistress Jennifer
So superior
A lovely leather crop for Caroline's derričre.

On the eighth day of Christmas, I sent Mistress Pamela
The very best
Dominant black leather dress.

On the ninth day of Christmas, I sent to Mistress Jennifer
Whom I adore
A whip so pliable Her slave can't stop begging for more.

On the tenth day of Christmas, I sent to Mistress Pamela
My sissy stick, worthless and of no use anymore
So that Mistress Pamela would laugh forevermore.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, I sent Mistress Jennifer
A throne so that I, Her slave
Could grovel away my life as Her drone.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I sent Mistress Pamela
A pillory of gold, in which Her slave would never forget
Mistress Pamela owns sissy's mind, body, and soul.

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