My Silver Birthday


My birthday is coming up at the end of May (the thirtieth, to be exact), and this time of year always makes Me remember the best birthday I think I've ever had.


As you all know, a Dominant woman's prerogative is to have Her desires met with speed and grace, and a good submissive is almost preternaturally sensitive to his Dominant, serving in exactly the way She wants without being asked, in many cases. When I turned twenty-five, two of My boys and one of My girls decided to throw Me a birthday party worthy of My exacting and depraved nature. 


Because I was turning twenty-five, that number became the theme for the evening. The appropriate gift for the twenty-fifth anniversary is silver, and since the little darlings were celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of My birth, everything and everyone was decorated in silver. Mirrors and tinfoil covered each wall and ceiling of the loft, and space blankets crinkled on every piece of furniture. Each submissive either was dressed in silver, with silver boots, silver makeup, and silver chains, or wore twenty-five-cent pieces in provocative places. The throng of quarters (in lieu of pasties) adorning luscious nipples was a marvelous sight, indeed. I bet the United States Treasury Department never thought they'd make a Dominatrix's birthday so extra-special!


After giving each of them a delicious and painful workout, I held three silver chains attached to the collars of the three submissives who had organized the grand event. I sprawled out on a silver-bedecked mattress as My submissives attended to My every bodily whim, massaging Me, feeding Me sushi and champagne, licking My tall leather boots. The best part of the evening was still to come. 


Several of My Dominant friends had put together a sadistic floor show for Me to watch. Four Dominants (three women and one man) in silver unpacked four silver-leather gear bags as four naked submissives knelt at Their feet. 


The first Domina wrapped Her submissive in cling film, gagged her with a ball of tinfoil, and alternated the dripping of hot silver candle wax and freezing cold ice cubes over the helpless bound girl's body.


The Dominant man wore a see-through plastic muscle shirt tipped with stainless-steel grommets and hardware. His muscles bulged against the slick surface. His submissive, a very young, blond girl, wore a matching clear plastic dress with cutouts that let her quarter-covered nipples peek out. The Dom ripped the quarters from her nipples, and the girl cried out. He replaced the pasties with two silver nipple clamps attached by a Y-shaped chain to a third clamp, which he had in his hand as he reached up her dress, forcing her legs apart, and fixed it to her clit. 


Third in line was the Domina with a Hundred Needles. Her submissive lay trembling on a medical table as She inserted needle after needle into the pliable flesh. After the last needle was inserted, She attached silver plumes to the hollow barrels of twenty-four of the needles. When Her submissive stood, She inserted a silver butt plug into his ass, with a giant tuft of silver feathers pouring out of the end. On his back, She etched a birthday message to Me with a silver scalpel.


Last, a Dominatrix with razor-sharp silver stiletto heels was whipping a naked boy as he worshiped Her shoes with his tongue. The chain whip left dark bruises on his back, and he moaned with a mixture of pleasure and agony. His cock was stiff as an iron. The Dominatrix whipped out a can of spray paint, and as She stepped hard on his cock and balls, She spray-painted his chest silver. His cock spasmed so hard and painfully under Her heel that he cried.


Watching all this perversity made My cunt as slippery as mercury. I growled at My submissives to drop what they were doing and worship My pussy. My fist tightened around the silver leash chains as one eager mouth and then another gave Me orgasm after orgasm. Delectable! And after all that, there was still a pile of presents to open. Ah, submissives are so very versatile: one minute they're lapping at your Shrine, and the next they're cleaning up wrapping paper and ribbon like pretty robots. 


So to all you admirers and worshipers, I invite you to spoil Me and spoil Me hard on My big day! Scratch that—I command you to! Not sure how? Call Me and ask. And do it quickly!


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