Venus Regained  (written by Fiona's acolyte)

Resurrection in Venice:
Venus regained.

I know your name.
Oh Goddess!
Oh Goddess!
Oh you torrent of air!
You are earth.
You are water.
You are air.
Stay near, lest I die.

Goddess - Energy visionary!
Creator of space.
Generator of rays.
Generator of lenses.

You are the Sun and the Moon. You are the Sky and the Earth. You are Everything.
You are God.

And I shall love you with all my soul, and all my heart, and all my mind.

Am I not strengthened by my submission to you?

Do I not maintain my life by accepting your gift of life force.

While I am finite, is your force not infinite?

Awaken me.
Beat me.
Love me.
Punish me.
Teach me.
Correct me.
Guide me.
Control me.
Give me your laws.
So that I may become wise.
So that I may transmit love received from you to others.

And then, tell me what and how to sacrifice to my Goddess.


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