The Stockings Were Hung

You may have seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus, but I've seen Santa kissing something else . . .

My favorite Christmas of all was the year that I served up a
Christmas goose. My goose that particular year was, in fact, a lucky and succulent submissive whom I stripped naked, trussed up, and placed onto the dining room table, right at the edge, so all My guests could spank, fuck, and otherwise use him. After only a short time, most everyone had removed their clothes and started really getting naughty. For My part, I pinned a bright sprig of fresh mistletoe over My perfectly groomed pussy and ordered each and every submissive to kiss Me underneath that mistletoe. One of the submissives was dressed up like Santa Claus, and he lapped at My pussy, and then, after I came, he lapped at his big white beard that had been soaked with My delicious Mistress nectar. Underneath the mistletoe, indeed!

So, as usual, I'm feeling positively filled with the holiday spirit, boys. Would you like to receive a present from Me, Mistress Fiona, personally? Every good boy who sends Me a nice holiday present will receive a special gift—that's been kissed (in my choice of lipstick shade) and signed by Me. If your present is a good enough present (think ka-ching), I might also let you choose between having this present be placed inside My panties or shoes for the day before I send it to you. Can you live through another holiday season without such a personal, sensual token of Mine? Certainly not! So come, all ye faithful, and you shall certainly find something special underneath your tree!

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