Portrait of a Lady

My skin is the pure color of the inner flesh of an almondódo you know the shade? Even the scent of almond clings to me. My hair, a rich and lustrous black, falls from a center part and cascades down my back to my waist. I tend to braid it or twist it up into a bun when I am working, but itís often down for play. My hair is my glory: it is always shining and smooth. My face is a classical ovalóso highly prized in Japanese artóframed to perfection by my hair. My earlobes bear several small gold rings. My eyes are a dark hazel, upturned, and I am fond of making them up advantageously to highlight the green sparks in my irises. I have a straight, pert nose and a small mouth with cupidís-bow lips. I am rarely without a dramatic shade of lipstick, and if I canít mark you with my sharp teeth or nails, Iíll certainly try to leave some lipstick on your starched white collar.


My body is lithe and strong, and I am thin enough to have a nicely visible, finely molded collarbone. I have high, firm breasts; I am of Japanese descent, so they are not overlarge: a full B cup. Completely natural and topped with generous, hard, tan nipples, they have proved more than adequate for the purpose of manipulating men . . .


My body then curves into my trim 23-inch waist and flares out again into my luscious hips. My ass is round and tight. Men canít seem to keep their hands off it when I ride the train to my office in the morning. On the other side, dipping between my thighs, rests my beautiful, silky cunt, filled with delicate pink petals and my rich, creamy nectar. Iíve been told I have the sweetness of a jasmine blossom.


My arms are long, lightly muscled, tapering gently to the wrists. Slender fingers with long, glossy blood-red nails adorn a rectangular palm. I wear a size 5 ring on my ring finger, if you are astute enough to gather an idea from that. They are artistís hands, made to hold either pen or paintbrush.


I have legs that wonít quit, and both the flexibility and the strength to trap you between them. 


Havenít you ever dreamed of being caught between a womanís thighs, forced to bring her to successive orgasms with your tongue while she coats your face with her juices?


I have thin ankles; the bone on the side is prominentóthe ideal place to lay your worshipful kisses. Iíve high arches and narrow feet. The toes are fashioned with the same slender grace as my fingers, and I've had the nails done the matching color. A pedicure is my favorite way to pamper myself; my nails are never less than perfect.


This description catches your attention, does it not? I note the flush it brings to your skin, the elevated heartbeat I can detect pulsing in your throat.

Do not allow my name to mislead you: I am the temptation. I am the coiled serpent. I will offer you the knowledge that will destroy you when you come to dwell in my garden of earthly delights.


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