The Fine Art of Absolute Domination

When perfected, the art of dominating a submissive is completely gratifying to both parties, in a way that surpasses the senses and reaches the very depths of the soul. The Domina wrests control by understanding the deep needs of the submissive even better than he does himself. She ultimately leads the submissive down a path not before taken, a path of no return . . . one from which the submissive wants no return. 
The ability to artfully lead Her charge, with a well-calculated mixture of firmness and reward, to the intoxication of sub space and beyond, is a gift and a skill to be honed to delicious perfection. It requires the invasion of the submissive in every way—body, mind, and soul. The slave finds himself desperately eager to please his Mistress, and even more eager not to displease Her . . . but when he does, he accepts, endures, and even welcomes his punishment, knowing it will redeem him, teach him to better serve, and bring him to ever-deeper levels of joy in his servitude and worship. 
When this level of submission is attained through careful cultivation by the Domina, even simple acts, such as kneeling naked at Her feet or being permitted to wear Her collar, bring indescribable feelings of bliss, contentment, and profound gratification to the submissive. The Domina is always keenly aware of the state of mind of Her submissive, and She seeks to bring him to perpetually deepening levels, for it is at these levels that the submissive can truly please, obey, and serve Her as She desires.
Such is My desideratum.

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