Babe in the Woods

One of my favorite little fuck-toys was a wicked little thing I met two years ago while I was a counselor-in-training at a posh summer camp in southern Maine. She was always such a well-behaved girl during meals and activities, but despite repeated admonitions to stay in bed after lights out, she never seemed able to resist the call of the wild. The other counselors and I had caught her sneaking into the kitchen, skinny-dipping on a secluded side of the lake, and sometimes even running off into the woods to “experiment” with a friend or two.

            One night, on my way home from a hot rendezvous in my supervisor’s cabin, I saw little Miss Mischief herself in the distance, walking toward the wooded area down by the water with a towel in her hand, clearly hoping to sneak into the lake for a midnight swim. Now, I admit that I may be a bit on the spoiled side myself, but was I really *such* a brat when I was a young teen? I still had my bag of tricks at my side, since I was on my way home from a date. I decided the time was ripe to take matters into my own hands and give this girl her comeuppance once and for all.

            I kept myself hidden until she was naked and swimming out toward the lovely little rock island jutting out of the cold, clear water. I snuck over to the shore where I had seen her hide her clothes and her towel, and I stuffed them into my black canvas messenger bag. I moved quietly over to a tall oak, and crouching behind it, I fitted myself up with my trusty red vinyl harness and favorite sparkly silver cock, checking each of the buckles for a secure fit before buttoning everything back up into my jeans. For good measure, I grabbed my slim black leather paddle as well. This girl needed to be taught a lesson, and it was clearly my responsibility to see that she learned it well. 

            I didn’t have to wait long before my bratty little camper made her way back to shore. What a sight she was! Dripping wet, gleaming nude in the moonlight, she shivered and looked around warily, knowing full well that she had been discovered.

            I walked out from behind the oak tree and made my way to the shore. She moaned slightly when she saw me but bravely stood her ground.

            “Couldn’t resist another swim?” I observed. “Why don’t you come with me down to the director’s cabin and we can tell him how dedicated you are to the Aquatics program?” I looked at her with an arched eyebrow, my steely gray eyes withering her with their stern gaze. She looked down at her ankles and shivered, dripping in the moonlight.

            “Oh, please!” she begged. “Not again! I just got in trouble for sneaking desserts out of the kitchen last week! I don’t want to be stuck scrubbing pots again.”

            “Well, I don’t think you deserve that kind of punishment either,” I replied. “It obviously hasn’t taught you anything. I think you need some help learning how to follow directions . . . And I’ve got just the thing. Get on your knees, you spoiled little bitch.”

            She tilted her head and looked at me, as if she thought I couldn’t have possibly said the words that she heard.

            “W-w-what?” she stammered.

            “You heard me, brat. Get. On. Your. Knees.”

            She quickly dropped to the ground, still shivering slightly, her eyes focused on a small patch of ground directly in front of her. I paced around her slowly, taking her in. She was one of the tallest girls at the camp. Long, slim legs, a firm, rounded ass, a strong swimmer’s back. Her breasts were well developed, her tight little nipples awakened and erect from her dip in the lake. Her arms and legs had achieved a deep tan, but the gleaming white skin of her torso mapped the outline of her favorite bathing suit, so obviously missing as she knelt before me. Her long raven hair was in a wet, messy ponytail, with a few loose hairs clinging to the nape of her neck. 

            I poked the end of my slim black paddle into the soft, firm skin of her neck. She gulped but otherwise didn’t move a muscle. I flicked my wrist, tilting her chin up so she was forced to look directly at me. Her expression was serious, but there was a hint of mischief brewing behind her hazel eyes. As I gazed at her, I noticed one of the corners of her little mouth twitching. She was trying not to smile! 

The brat knew that she had piqued my interest, and I realized then and there that this girl was more like me than I had previously thought. You know the kind of girls I’m talking about—the beautiful ones, the ones who always get what they want because everybody desires them and no one ever tells them no. The kind of girl who pits all the kids against each other and laughs at the theatre of backstabbing that ensues, each one eager to win her attention. The kind of girl whose attention you can’t live without.

            I smacked her across the face with my little leather paddle. The satisfying slap brought a glint of tears to her eyes. I walked around to her back and pushed her onto her hands and knees, giving her three hard slaps on her ass for extra credit. She moaned, but from the muffled sound, I could tell she had managed to keep her mouth shut.

            I pulled the bitch back up on her knees by her mop of wet, messy hair and paddled each of her tits until they were a lovely shade of pink. She took it admirably, and when I stopped to admire my work, she softly murmured, “Thank you, Miss Catherine.”

            “You naughty little slut,” I replied. “You’ve been misbehaving all summer! Well, you can stop all these silly little cries for attention. I see what sort of discipline you really need.”

            I stepped closer, until the bulging fly of my jeans was three inches from her face. “Unbutton my jeans with your teeth, you little skank. I want to see what you’ve been practicing out in the woods with the boys all summer.”

            My girl dutifully tugged at my jeans with her mouth, and I noticed she still wore braces on the bottom row of her teeth. Liberating my smooth silicone cock, she gasped. “Ooh! It’s so pretty!”

            “So, you like what you see, princess? Well, show me a good time tonight, and I’ll see what I can do about cutting you some slack for the rest of the summer.”

            She daintily kissed the tip of my cock and took the very end of it into her mouth. Exasperated, I grabbed her ponytail and pushed her head forward, scraping past her little white teeth and into her hot little throat. She moaned around the phallus, and I felt the vibration all the way through the base of it, tickling my clit behind the red vinyl harness.

            “That’s more like it,” I said sweetly. She swallowed the cock, rocking her head back and forth, the delicious waves of pressure smacking my clit rhythmically until my pussy was wet and nearly dripping down my thighs.

            I pulled her up off my dick, spun her around, and pushed her forward onto her hands and knees. This girl had obviously learned a lot about cocksucking during her little field trips in the woods with the boys this summer, but it was time to see if she knew how to fuck. She held her ass in the air so prettily, I couldn’t resist paddling it again, bringing it up to a nice rosy shade to match her swollen pink tits. Her pussy was surprisingly wet for a girl who’d just had a swim. She’d obviously been enjoying herself as she worked my cock. She later told me she’d been rubbing her clit while I fucked her face. What a brat she was!

            I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the girl could fuck, and I jammed my cock into her pussy and then her ass, paddling her back and shoulders in rhythm. I felt my pussy clenching hard against the red vinyl straps of my harness, and I held my breath until the pounding pressure on my clit gave me the most delicious orgasm. Spent, I curled up with her under the oak tree, almost purring with delight.

That summer was long and hot, and although my spoiled little pet made several more clandestine skinny-dipping excursions over the course of the season, everyone remarked at how well-behaved she had become after that evening by the lake.


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