The Stableboy


I grew up in the rolling hillsides of Chautauqua County. I lived on a farm with my mother, father, and older brother. My father owned thoroughbred horses as a hobby, and I grew up on horseback. We had a stable with five mares (give or take), two geldings, and a blood bay stallion named Dante's Inferno (Dante, for short). The stallion was, of course, my favorite horse to ride. This horse was so incredibly powerful, yet I could handle him. I had a way of disciplining him that seemed to work quite well. I whispered sweet nothings in his ears, used a chained bit to reel him in, and applied spurs or a crop for small admonitions, orders, and punishment. My father was proud of my riding skill and of what he referred to as my "instinct" for horses. Soon I would learn that I also possessed an instinct for handling men, because in the summer of my seventeenth year, my father hired a young stable hand named Billy.


Billy was quite strapping, had blond curly hair and blue eyes, and was basically a simpleton. Those big blue eyes were always glued on me. He would watch me as I trotted and galloped through the fields on Dante. One day, I noticed this new stableboy intently watching me ride when he should have been cleaning out stalls. Fed up with his leering and his laziness, I trotted over to him. Peering down from my elevated position on the glorious stallion, I commanded Billy, “Get back to work, immediately! If I catch you slacking off and spying on me again, there will be hell to pay!” Billy looked up at me with embarrassment, a bright red flush blooming across his cheeks, and apologized profusely before meekly shuffling back to the stable. I felt a fierce wave of power that seemed to originate in my loins as I was issuing orders while seated high atop my muscular beast. Even Dante seemed to notice my unusual state, for I could feel him making minute adjustments underneath me. Clearly, this bore further investigation.


About a week later, I caught that young Billy staring at me and goofing off, again! I thought, This is it! I galloped back to the stable, put Dante in an empty stall without even untacking him, and yelled at Billy, “Get in here, IMMEDIATELY!” Billy quickly jogged to the stable, and I slid the large doors shut after him. It was dark and cool in the stable even though it was daytime. The murmurings of the horses surrounded us. 


“Billy, get into this stall,” I said, directing him into Dante’s stall. Stallions make the most mess, so their stalls are always the foulest. Because Billy had been ogling me instead of doing his chores, the stall was truly a sty. I said, “Take off your clothes!”


He looked shocked and said, “No way!”  


“If you don't do as I say, I'm going to tell my father what a lazy, good-for-nothing stable hand you are, and he will fire you on the spot!”


 Billy reluctantly disrobed and stood before me, blushing and covering his genitals with his hands. 


“Move your hands away so I can see your puny little pee hole!” 


He actually said, “No.” AGAIN! He would soon learn that “no” had been the wrong answer.


“MOVE YOUR HANDS!” I swatted his thigh with my crop. He flinched from the stinging pain of the whack and quickly withdrew his hands. “What a pathetic little wimp!” There it was: his peach-fuzzed little cock, hard as a rock! Ha! He was so ashamed, standing there naked and hard under my scrutiny! I could feel my panties getting wet.


“Well, just for saying no to me, you better get down on all fours and crawl around this dirty stall that you should have been cleaning earlier today!” He got down on his hands and knees. I could see his cock jumping with excitement as I ordered him to crawl through the muck in circles. Every time he passed close to me, I gave him a good kick in the ass with my boot, which propelled him face-first into the stallion manure and urine. He would turn to look up at me limpidly when he was back on all fours again, and I rejoiced in the sight of the urine-soaked sawdust and horse shit smeared all over the front of his body and his face. 


After I had had enough, I grabbed him by the hair. “Get up and hose yourself off—your filthiness disgusts me!" 


I needed to untack Dante, who had been patiently waiting for me. While I was taking off Dante’s bridle, I was watching Billy hose himself off, wincing under the freezing stream. I realized there was one more thing I needed to do. I strode over to him and demanded the hose. 


He looked terrified, but he handed it over. I said, “We need to wash you inside and out! You are such a repulsive, dirty boy. You make me sick!” I pushed him up against the wall, facing me, and stuck the spout of the hose into his mouth. I put my gloved finger over the hose to increase the pressure of the spray. He gagged and coughed quite a bit, but I continued, reminding him, “It is absolutely necessary that you be clean inside and out.”


When I felt Bully's mouth had been rinsed enough, I had him turn to face the wall. He looked absolutely horrified, but I could still see his stiff cock bobbing about. I spread his cheeks with one hand and stuck the metal ring at the end of the hose into his virgin ass with the other. And I held it there. He writhed and whimpered as the ice-cold water filled his bowels. When water started spraying back at me, I jumped away in revulsion, throwing down the hose. Yuck! I told him never to look at me again, unless I ordered him to. I informed him that we weren't quite finished yet and to report to the stable at midnight for part two.





I had worn a T-shirt and panties to bed, so I threw on a pair of riding jodhpurs and boots. I sneaked out of the house and headed down to the stable. The moon shed a silvery radiance on the fields that night, lighting my path to the barn. When I slipped through the large sliding door into the stable, it was dark, but I could still make out Billy’s figure sitting on a small stool, waiting for me. Eager, I thought, pleased. Little did he know what I had in store for him!


I said, “Strip.” This time, he complied instantly—pleasing me again.


I marched him over to Dante’s stall and opened the door. The moonlight coming in through the window lit up the stall. Once again, I had him get down on all fours. This time he hesitated because the enormous animal towered over both of us as we stood. I gave Billy a little encouragement with a switch on his glowing white ass, and he promptly acquiesced. I said, “First, I want you to eat some hay off the floor.” He looked at me with a slight hint of anger, so I hit him again with my crop, just a little bit harder this time. “Now!” He cringed from the blow, and I could see a red welt developing on his buttocks. He leaned his head down and weakly picked up a very small piece of hay in his mouth. 


I said, “You are hungry and will eat the hay like you are hungry! I will not say it again!” So he started chomping on some hay like the pony I was fashioning him into. I giggled with delight. In the meantime, Dante was sniffing and blowing at Billy, wondering what this little creature was doing in his stall. I stroked his velvety nose and cooed to him, and as he relaxed, so did his enormous cock! It slowly dropped until that whole shiny pink-and-black cock was in full view, and about to urinate. I was thrilled! “Billy, get under this horse right now!” Billy scuttled over and positioned himself under Dante. “I mean right under his cock.” Billy seemed a bit upset, but I noticed his tiny cock, erect as ever. 


I demanded, “Put your face up to the head of that beautiful cock.” He did so, and immediately, the horse let out a steaming hot torrent of urine. It was beautiful, and Billy was eating it up! It was a golden shower in the most literal sense! I was getting so wet I thought I might orgasm right then and there. Dante finished and pulled his member back up inside himself. I noticed Billy had milky cum all over his belly. Oh no, no! This will not do! 


“Billy, did I tell you that you could come?”


“No, Ma’am.”


“I have just decided that every time you come, my beloved Dante must also experience such pleasure. Start rubbing his dick.” 


Billy seemed really shocked now, but I just looked at him with absolute indifference. He started rubbing the soft folds of the stallion’s sheath. Very good! Gradually, the enlarged horse cock was out and pulsating with anticipation. Billy was on his knees, practically using his whole body to jack it off. 


“Lick it!”  He immediately started licking the length of the stallion cock. I could actually hear him slurping! Billy’s insignificant cock was so hard that it almost looked bigger, and there was cum juice dripping off the end of it. He lapped up and down the horse’s member. Billy then opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and fit it over the head of the horse’s cock and sucked in short little jerks as he used his hands and arms to jerk off the rest of the huge member. I was going to come myself! The stallion squirted his juice right into Billy’s mouth! It overflowed and ran down the front of Billy’s face and chest. The sight of it sent me into an explosive orgasm.


That was the summer I learned the many differences between men and horses, and men always suffered in the comparison. I could control 1200 pounds of intelligent horse with the merest flicker of my thigh muscles, but with men, one had to take a much harder tack.


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