Mistress Sloane's Memoirs

Role Model

From an early age, I assumed the role of queen bee of the family. I strove to be the center of attention and took the leadership position in all my fun and games. Looking back, I can even see how my Barbie henpecked and battered Ken when she didn’t get her way. In fact, as I continued growing and maturing into the treat I am today, my dominant, Type A personality really came to the fore. I was labeled a self-starter and a doer. “Headstrong” littered my school reports from faculty and staff. At the time, I didn’t realize this was unusual. My family was proud of my resilient, independent nature and "go for it" attitude.


Not until I moved away from home and went to college did I understand my uniqueness. I saw my female peers from the classrooms as well as the runways being treated shabbily and promised myself I would never allow this. As I gained more experience with men, I found that I could use my looks and dominant nature to wind them around my cute little finger. I learned that the more I misused them—by treating them casually, even callously, not calling, missing dates—the more they adored and wanted me. I decided to use this to my benefit.


I objectify men. I use them for what I want. I enjoy watching them suffer. The pained look on their faces as they try in some small way to please me makes me want to snicker at them. This is where I am now. Join me. I wish to use you to further explore the darker secrets of my dominant side. I want to abuse you for my pleasure.




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