Now Hearken to My Strict Command


13 October 2009



Dear pining ones,


I know you've missed Me. Do dry your eyes; too much carrying on will sap your strength, and you'll need it when I put you through your paces. Have you been behaving? If you haven't, I'll find out soon enough. I have been looking forward to those intimate conversations in which I pull you apart into pieces and examine every square inch of what's left. It is My prerogative, as always, to command you to call Me. This year has brought great positive change for Me personally and professionally. Iím still the same diabolical beauty who so easily ensnares subjects I deem worthy of My net . . . only more beautiful and intoxicating. Perhaps I'll share some of My adventures with you.


Your service is now required. Do not keep Me waiting.




Mistress Fiona

P.S. I have had a lot of public sex and have administered My unfair share of extreme humiliation, enemas, and psychological humiliation. I've become fond of the dragon-tail whip and have cultivated an increased appreciation for sensory-deprivation hoods and boxes. Also, I took a course in HypnoBirthing, and I have all sorts of scripts for trance inducement at My command. Oh, and I fucked in a hot tub every single day in September.





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