The Eternal Question

Frequently Asked of Mistress Olivia...

"You're pretty kinky and commanding... do You ever have, you know, regular sex?"

SUCH a cute question, though rather illustrative of common misconceptions about what makes a Mistress. Ah, the "Ice Goddess" archetype... no man can touch Me, he is but a lowly slave... and so true and appropriate a role for the average male. I'll readily admit to taking liberties in the exploitation of such creatures. But those of you who have had the pleasure of speaking with Me know that, even at My most cruel, "icy" is hardly the correct adjective. Devious, disdainful, nasty, yes... but all spiced with warmth, sparked by the intense sexual heat that I draw from committing such wanton acts of torment with those who would serve Me. Yes, pets... it's all about the FUN and My amusement, such great fun, so very amusing to have you panting and lusting.

And wouldn't you imagine that surrounding Myself with all this lustful desire, nasty talk, and vivid descriptions of mental and physical cruelty (the delightful routine of my work with Jennifer Hunter!)... don't you know that all this sexiness would leave a Mistress with a hungering, hot, wet pussy? Yearning for the attentions that a lowly slave such as yourself could most likely not fulfill? Indeed, the strongest Mistresses have the strongest sex drives, albeit you are unworthy of it. JUST IMAGINE... when your sissy ass is put aside for later use, what pleasures I will pursue...

I'll admit to some shallowness of My desire, no apologies. When I get the itch, I want a man old enough to be past the fumbling, inept phase of youth, but young enough to have the body and cock I crave. Strong body, preferably dark features, but if the cock is hard and well shaped, I won't object to a boyish blond stud. Cock well above average, thick and full, able to fill Me fully, fuck Me to My core. And you, My slave? Would it be too unbearable to watch Me take My pleasure with this well-hung stallion, take My time to fuck him while you wait, bug-eyed and trembling, little cock straining, your whole body pressing hopelessly against the ropes as you watch My little tableau?

You see, a horny Mistress is not one for beating around the bush (so to speak). A striptease, at most: letting My stud sit fully clothed, his hard dick straining at the fabric of his pants, while I dance sensually out of My leather skirt and bustier and wriggle onto his lap, fully and powerfully nude... you've never seen Me this way, have you? Watch Me press My ass and My wetness against his cock, grinding My full breasts and hard nipples against his face.

You've never seen Me this lustful, have you? I'd rub hungrily against his legs, My clit hard, My lips soaking wet, My cunt clenching at the air, needing to be filled. Fucked. You can almost smell My pussy from your chair, can't you? I will climb onto his lap, tits full against his face, him sucking at My hard puckered nipples. I will circle My hips athletically around his straining cock, rub My wetness all over the tip, until he takes My waist in his hands and presses Me down hard, slides his cock in fully, immediately filling My tight cunt, opening Me. I clench down, a vise-grip on his cock, and I'm moaning now... flushed, riding him... throwing a wry glance over My shoulder and giggling at the look in your eyes, the lust combined with shock, the desperation I so readily feed off. Your helplessness fuels My desire to fuck, and fuck hard. And then I no longer care about your presence, because I'm driving him deep... arms tightly around him as he lifts Me up against the wall and slams into Me standing... we are rutting, fucking deep, I am pulling him into Me and milking his cock, and you can only watch as I take My pleasure.

He will make Me come this way, oh yes, and not only once... clenching around his rigid cock, I will spurt juice down his legs, soaking his balls, dripping... wetting Me further. His cock will feel the spasms that you so desperately long to feel against your tongue, when I allow you even that rare pleasure. Oh, he'll feel every motion as I clamp down, over and over, coming in waves, soaking him further, My teeth against his neck as he fucks Me, him coming hard too, his cock spurting, filling My cunt with his thick, hot cum.

And yes, dear, that's where you come in! Your tireless devotion, managing not to come as you watched Me use that stud for all he was worth. You'll get to taste Me now, slut... you'll get to lick My pussy clean. As deprived as you may be, I'll be sure to put you to good use and reward you for your patience. You'll clean Me thoroughly, won't you, pet? Better show what a good cum-licker you are, and perhaps next time you'll get his cock ready for Me. All in due time...

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